“Writers write.”

Need motivation or support in getting your words on paper or selling them? Sometimes it’s difficult to keep the words flowing and/or maintain confidence in your work.

The weekly Writers Workshop can provide the focus you need. Participants are encouraged to bring at least 10 new pages of material each week to share and receive real-time constructive feedback within a supportive critique framework. (Beverages provided for core group workshops.)

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The South Bay Creative Writers Workshops are characterized by three key elements:

  1. Small, intimate core group(s)
  2. First things ‘FIRSTS’ approach
  3. A supportive, constructive feedback methodology
Core Groups

Once each month, we meet in large group for interactive discussion (author talks, special guests, topics of interest, etc.). For the other weeks, smaller core group(s) meet for Writers’ Workshops.

The weekly Writers’ Workshops are intentionally limited in size and require an RSVP (location provided upon RSVP confirmation).

The smaller Workshops (ideally 8-10 participants per core group) are intended to foster continuity and the creative process; thus, Workshop preference will be given to those who actually “do the work” (namely, writing at least 10 pages each week and showing up).

Supportive Environment

Notably, all Writer Workshops utilize a supportive, constructive-critique approach so that participants can hear and consider group feedback in a safe and positive environment.

The ‘FIRSTS’ Approach

The workshop coordinator breaks the creative writing process into five steps:

  • Find your story;
  • Investigate and
  • Research your story, characters, and settings;
  • Structure the story;
  • Tell your story; then
  • Sell your story

The focus of the Workshops is on the Find, Structure, and Tell elements of the process. (The large group meetings tend to highlight the Sell process.)


  1. July 7, 2016    

    Hello, I am writing a non-fiction book and would like to belong to a weekly writing group where we read and comment on each others’ pages. I used to belong to a local writing group where I did finish and publish a book in 2014. They no longer meet. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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